About me

I am a Senior Engineer at Key Tech in Baltimore, MD, an engineering services and product development firm specializing in the design of electro-mechanical devices in the medical, commercial, and industrial fields. I’m also a fixer, a maker, a serious do-it-yourselfer, a computer geek, a suburban homesteader, an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, a traveler, a father, a husband, and much more. So many blogs (and people, really) focus on one thing and aim to be the best. I want to learn about everything.

It’s not that I’m easily bored and jump around from interest to interest. Quite the opposite – so many things fascinate me that I don’t want to stay too focused on one thing for too long. Yvon Chouinard perhaps says it best in “Let My People Go Surfing”, calling himself an “80 Percenter”.

I’ve always thought of myself as an 80 percenter. I like to throw myself passionately into a sport or activity until I reach 80 percent proficiency level. To go beyond that requires an obsession and degree of specialization that doesn’t appeal to me.

So, that’s what this blog is going to be about. Everything that occupies my life, my time, my interest. I’m primarily a geek about technology, but as you’ll find, I’m a geek about practically everything.

For more details, you can view my public profile on LinkedIn or Google+. For more details on me, stay tuned to this blog, and feel free to drop me an email.


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